Please review the Request for Proposals before submitting an application.

Workforce Housing Planning Grant Application

  • Credit Union Information

  • Proposal Narrative

    Please develop your responses to these questions in a Word document, and copy them into the fields in this section.
  • What is the state of affordable housing in the communities you serve? What are the needs of the populations you intend to serve through an affordable housing initiative? Please include supporting data and facts, where possible.
  • Please briefly describe any experience your credit union has with affordable housing products or services (including mortgages, commercial loans for multifamily housing, first time home buyer programs, rental security deposit loans, etc.).
  • Please provide an overview of your intended planning project. Describe your credit union's long-term affordable workforce housing goals and the specific objective(s) and deliverable(s) of this planning grant. How does your proposed project address the community needs you described above? How will the project be executed? What additional resources, such as technical assistance from NWCUF will you need for your project to be successful?
  • Describe the populations that are most likely to ultimately benefit from your project. Are you planning to target services/products to specific underserved populations? If so, describe the populations and how you intend to serve them.
  • NWCUF will prioritize funding to those credit unions who demonstrate an intent to collaborate and partner with other credit unions and nonprofits. Who will your credit union partner with during the planning project? Describe the role each partner will play in the project. If no partnerships are anticipated, describe why your credit union is best equipped to work independently to carry out your planning project.
  • Where will this project take place? Describe the specific region you anticipate the project benefiting (such as a single city, multiple counties, or an entire state).
  • How will this project impact affordable workforce housing and the community as a whole? What are the intended outputs and outcomes? How will you know whether the impact has been achieved?
  • Please upload a planning project budget that details the costs necessary to complete the project.
  • Please upload a planning project timeline that details the key milestones and deliverables.