Please review the Request for Proposals before submitting an application.

  • Credit Union Information


    Please develop your responses to these questions in another document, and copy them into the fields in this section.
  • Where will this project take place? Describe the specific region you anticipate the project benefiting (such as a single city, multiple counties, or an entire state).
  • What is the state of workforce housing in the communities you serve? What are the needs of the populations you intend to serve through a workforce housing project? What are the barriers or challenges they are currently facing in accessing housing options? Please include supporting data and statistics, where relevant.
  • Does your credit union already have policies around diversity and inclusion? If so, what are they and how will you utilize them in this project? If not, how will you build DEI principles into your project?

    Please develop your responses to these questions in another document, and copy them into the fields in this section.
  • Please provide a three-year overview and plan for your intended project. How does your proposed project address the current or future housing need in your community? How will your team and partners execute this project? What products/services will you provide, that you currently don’t, to alleviate barriers or challenges to accessing workforce housing for your members?
  • How will this project impact workforce housing and the community as a whole? Describe your project’s long-term goals and metrics for success (What will be true if your project is successful?) as well as specific project deliverables for this grant award. How do you intend to measure this impact?
  • a) Describe the populations that you are targeting and who will ultimately benefit from your project. Are they current members and/or potential new members? Are you planning to provide products/services to specific underserved or minority populations in your community? b) What is your strategy for reaching and engaging with your target population?
  • a) Please identify who from your credit union will be working on this project (internal team) and what other CUs, if any, you have partnered with. b) List partnerships (community-based organizations, private market, government agencies, etc.) you have solidified or are you currently working on. Who do you project you will partner with by end of the third year? Are there other funders besides NWCUF that you plan on approaching for this project? c) Please list any additional grant opportunities you have identified as possible avenues of current or future support for your project.
  • What additional financial, technical, or other resources does your project need to be successful? Are there any gaps in your project plan that you need support in filling? What are ways NWCUF can support your project beyond a grant award?
  • What amount of financial support, up to $100,000, are you requesting from NWCUF for the implementation of this project?
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.
    Provide a detailed budget (to the best of your ability) on the first 3 years of this project. Please separate out NWCUF potential grant funds and any other possible grant opportunities.
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.
    If awarded a workforce housing project grant, what would you credit union financially commit to the project for the first year? For three years?
  • Max. file size: 100 MB.
    What is your timeline for implementation of this project? What is your 3-year projection for your project’s growth and/or scalability? What are some key milestones that will demonstrate if your project is successful? When, if ever, will your project be sustainable without NWCUF support?
  • Please feel free to upload any additional documentation of the intended project.
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