Credit Union Professional Development Scholarships:
Continuing education and development programs for credit union professionals help the credit union movement remain competitive in the financial marketplace. We provide scholarships for credit union-related educational courses and professional development programs to ensure credit union employees have access to the training they need to successfully serve their organizations and their communities.


Community & Credit Union Grants:
We empower our credit unions through leveraged, strategic partnerships and funding opportunities that will impact our region. Through our Community and Credit Union Grants Program, we help fund projects and initiatives that forward our mission of improving the well-being of our communities.


Bite of Reality – Financial Reality Fair Kit Grants: 

     Bite of Reality


Kathy Thomson – Legacy of Life & Learning – Scholarships:
Partners and friends of the Credit Union Movement reflect on the four decades of service Kathy Thomson dedicated to advancing credit unions’ ideals and growing its leaders.

We pay tribute to the loyal dedication Kathy and her family gave to the Credit Union Movement, more specifically the 43 years she contributed to the Idaho Credit Union League in professional capacities ranging from Receptionist to President/CEO. Kathy’s pledge of fidelity to the Credit Union Movement throughout her career embodied the cooperative principles and encouraged credit unions to strive to become the relevant choice of consumers in financial services.

While no words will ever fully describe Kathy’s impact to our Movement, we memorialize Kathy and her leadership in a manner celebrating her greatest passion: the development of future industry leaders. These partners and friends announce scholarships in Kathy Thomson’s name so that future Idaho credit union leaders can benefit and further commit their lives and careers to the Credit Union Movement.

There are two full Kathy Thomson – Legacy of Life & Learning – Scholarships available for each of the following events:

Applications will be accepted May-September 2018. The ten scholarships will be awarded and recipients will be notified in October 2018.

Thank you to our generous donors:  

Questions? Please contact Kaitlin Ramos at or 503.350.2208.

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