Powered by a network of credit unions, the Northwest Credit Union Foundation is uniquely positioned to harness and deliver resources that strengthen the financial lives of people and communities throughout the region. We do this through asset building, economic empowerment, and cooperative development.


Asset Building

Credit unions help our most underserved communities work towards self-sufficiency. A key factor in achieving this growth is through asset-building and education. We recognize the commitment of Northwest credit unions to being dedicated financial educators and advocates for education as a pathway to moving individuals and families out of poverty.


Economic Empowerment

When communities thrive, credit unions thrive. Economic empowerment means individuals and families have access to housing and the ability to gain skills needed to get a job or start a business. We support our partners in the Northwest region who advance small business growth and ensure that affordable housing and workforce development are available and easily accessible.


Cooperative Development

The cooperative spirit of “people helping people” not only lives within the Northwest credit union movement but throughout the larger cooperative community. We are proud to support locally owned and operated organizations, that, like credit unions, lead their organizations with the cooperative philosophy. Through employee development and community engagement initiatives, we support their contributions to creating sustainable local economies.