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Mission and Approach

Mission and Approach

Strengthening the financial lives of people and communities

Strengthening the financial lives of people and communities

Our Vision

We create an environment where people achieve financial prosperity and communities thrive.

Our Mission

Powered by a network of credit unions, we are uniquely positioned to harness and deliver resources that strengthen the financial lives of people and communities throughout the region.

Our Approach


The GoWest Foundation, formerly Mountain West Credit Union Foundation & Northwest Credit Union Foundation, works with credit unions and community partners throughout Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming to provide solutions to pressing issues impacting the financial health of the people and communities they serve. As not-for-profit cooperative financial institutions, credit unions are leading a movement that connects consumers with the opportunities they need to achieve financial prosperity. To further these efforts, we support credit union projects on a variety of initiatives including financial reality fair kits to promote financial capability among youth, workforce housing grants to push innovative solutions to local challenges, and professional development opportunities to help credit unions build a strong bench of leaders.  

The Foundation convenes thought leaders, regional stakeholders, and community partners to help credit unions achieve greater community impact in the areas of asset building, economic empowerment, and cooperative development. We also support credit unions in developing and furthering the future of the Credit Union Movement. We know that by working with credit unions, we can help people achieve financial prosperity. 

Program Funding


With the support of our gracious donors, the Foundation is able to allocate funds to our three focus areas to support credit union initiatives and the financial health of our Northwest communities. As the Credit Union Movement continues to grow, the Foundation will work to identify strategic partners and additional funding to drive our work forward and grow opportunities to positively impact credit union communities.


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