The Northwest Credit Union Foundation Board of Directors supports the work of the Northwest Credit Union Foundation and provides mission-based leadership, strategic guidance, and governance oversight.  A full position description for all NWCUF Board of Director members can be found here.  Please review this document thoroughly before continuing with the nomination form.

The Board of Directors consists of up to eleven (11) members, one of which is a voting Friends of the Foundation Director elected by Friends of the Foundation members.  If an eligible Friends of the Foundation Director candidate is recommended by the Board’s Governance & Nominations Committee, an election will occur in December 2021 and the prevailing candidate will be immediately seated on the NWCUF Board of Directors.

Friends of the Foundation Directors are eligible to serve a total of two (2) three-year terms.  A Friends of the Foundation Director must not be employed by NWCUA or any subsidiary (including the Foundation) during the past three (3) years prior to the time they would become a candidate.