Your members and community need access to low cost capital now more than ever. If you are interested in deploying emergency relief  consumer loans with 0% interest but need financial support in order to do so, please apply below. The Northwest Credit Union Foundation has been partnering with state agencies and philanthropic organizations across the region to support credit unions in serving their communities through this crisis.

  • What area is in your credit union's field of membership?
  • What are the target populations you are looking to serve with this emergency loan product? (e.g. current members, industry-specific or displaced workers, unbanked populations, etc.)
  • Briefly describe product details including total loan amount, loan period, deferred payment options, underwriting criteria, etc.
  • What financial support does your credit union need in order to deploy a 0% interest loan?
  • What is the total amount needed to deploy the loan product to your target population(s) including both interest subsidy and/or loan loss reserves?