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How Contributions Are Used

Your donation to the Northwest Credit Union Foundation’s disaster relief fund will be used to address a broad range of disaster related needs. Similar to the National Credit Union Foundation, the Northwest Credit Union Foundation prioritizes funding first for critical needs, second for ongoing needs, and third for operational recovery needs.

Critical needs that will receive priority foundation relief include food/water, clothing/personal care items, shelter/housing, and transportation. The foundation recognizes ongoing recovery needs to include uninsured housing, vehicle, and personal item recovery, repair, and replacement. If a particular effort’s critical and ongoing recovery funding needs are met and a funding surplus remains, funds may be returned to credit unions for related relief needs. Impacted credit unions may apply relief funds toward temporary office relocation, building repair, furniture/technology repair and replacement, and temporary staffing expenses.

The General Disaster Relief Fund supports all credit union staff and membership at all times.

The Northwest Credit Union Foundation adheres to an established disaster relief application and award process. Impacted credit unions, their employees, and individuals will be considered collectively.