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How Contributions Are Used

Your donation to the Northwest Credit Union Foundation’s disaster relief fund will be used to address a broad range of disaster-related needs. Similar to the National Credit Union Foundation’s disaster relief practices, your Northwest Credit Union Foundation will first prioritize funds for critical needs, then for ongoing recovery needs, and finally for operational recovery needs.

Assistance that falls under the critical needs priority includes remediating the immediate need for food/water, clothing/personal care items, shelter/housing, transportation, etc. Assistance that falls under ongoing recovery needs priority includes support for items not fully covered by insurance, including housing, vehicle, and personal item recovery, repair, or replacement. In the event that donated funds remain after being prioritized for critical and ongoing recovery needs, they may be provided to credit unions so that they can continue serving their members. Assistance that falls under this priority could include temporary office relocation expenses, repairing damaged buildings (including furniture/technology), and temporary staffing for impacted credit unions.

The General Disaster Relief Fund goes to credit union people affected by any disaster, now or later.

Foundation staff will adhere to an established application and award process when allocating funds to affected credit unions, their employees, or other credit union system organizations and individuals impacted by the disaster.