(MESA) Matched Education Savings Account

The Northwest Credit Union Foundation’s Matched Education Savings Account program is dedicated to bridging the gap between undergraduate costs and savings. MESA offers students a blend of financial education and matched savings. Eligible students may save up to $500 for a 3:1 return, or $1,500 in matched funds. Program participants will complete a financial education course and receive up to $2,000 in total education savings. Funds may be applied toward any education expense, including tuition, books, and class materials.

Participants who reside and are enrolled in Idaho, Oregon, or Washington are eligible to apply.

College or University

Students Accepted into MESA

Qualified MESA withdrawal


Additional MESA advocates may be identified in the following offices:

Department chairs, faculty, staff, work study students, and grant recipient students may help advocate for the program.

Marketing materials will be provided in print and digital form by MESA’s program director.

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